VIN - Vehicle Identification Number

VIN - Vehicle Identification Number (length: 17 characters) unique car identifier assigned by the car producer (based on ISO 3779, 1983)

The number has 3 parts:

WMI - World Manufacturer Identifier (length: 3 characters) unique car company identifier

VDS - Vehicle Descriptor Section (length: 6 characters) model description, sequence is defined by the car maker

VIS - Vehicle Identifier Section (length: 8 characters) unique car identifier

  • pattern for Citroën VIN is VF7xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
  • pattern for Peugeot VIN is VF3xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

On the servers Citroën Service and Peugeot Service Box it's possible to use VIN or VIS number. For searching by VIS you should type your VIS number into the field for VIN.

VIN check

how can i make sure that the vin number which i obtained from my customer is correct?

VIN check

Hi, it depends on, where you are. For Canada or U.S. try sites like
CarProof or Carfax.
For other countries there are no such sites with VIN checker, but you can calculate the VIN-check digit.



I think it is very interesting to read this. Can you recommendation other sites about this?


In some cases, they spent so much money on attorney fees when they requested the dealers to give their money back. They would save the trouble of going though all the legal battles if they bought the VIN Numbers check for less than $25.
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Vin Number

I have a 1969 404 Sedan. Where do I find a Vin. Number for it ?.

First service

Please let me know when the first free service is due on my new peugeot 3008. The handbook is not helpfull in this regard

Peugeot 307 Year 2002 1.6 litre Petrol. Has Air Con.

How easy is it to change the Cooling System Radiator.
Any tips please, Thanks.

vin location

The plate with the chassis number was lost after a service paint.
where else is this vin located in a pick up peugeot 1995 made in Argentina.

Cill replacement

I have dinked my 307 Estate and need to replace the passenger cill does any one have any idea where I can get one at a reasonable price ?

Where do I input the VIN ?

Where do I input the VIN ?

You go to registration server

You go to registration server Peugeot Service Box, or Citroën Service and there is VIN input.




Manufacturer Peugeot
Model Partner M59
Model Year 2009
Fabric manufacturer does not mark
Manufactured in France (Europe)
Serial number 027977
Is valid No

Vin number input

I have opened the Peugeot service box link, then on the page it has vin number (underlined in red), this opens another page but states " page could not be displayed" does the VIN service no longer work?

Confusing dysfunctional site - but is it possible

I have a need to identify a part number for a multifunction display on my 307.
This site is supposed to allow this - but there is no way to input VIN or search for part numbers.
Can anyone help me?

You read here

key code

hello sir, how can i get key code for a damage key that need replacement.and please i want you to create a user id and password for me so that i can train myself under ogale johnson
email id is

Peugeot VIN decoder

Here's the Peugeot VIN decoder. It shows extended information including the list of installed options. Hope it helps.

VIN check


You can visit this website to check VIN number including check digit as well as vehicle history.

Nice one!

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